Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Watermelon Baby Carriage

If you are hosting a shower or doing your own, this is such a cute variation to a fruit tray.  It was definitely a big hit at my baby shower.  It's pretty easy to make using the directions below.

Drop me a comment to let me know how yours turned out or if you used a different variation.

You will need:
an oval shaped watermelon
a knife
melon baller or ice cream scoop
assorted fruit

-Use a knife to cut a thin segment from the bottom of a medium-sized watermelon. The bottom of the watermelon is one of the long sides. Choose the side that is least attractive for the bottom. Discard the cut-off piece. This will give the watermelon a flat surface to set on and keep it stable while you work.

-Place your watermelon on your work surface so that the cut side is down. Using your knife, make a vertical cut one-third of the way from one end of the watermelon, cutting until you are about halfway through the melon. Then use your knife to make a horizontal cut from the opposite side of the melon. Start the cut halfway down the melon. Cut horizontally until you reach the spot where your vertical cut ended. This will make a wedge of melon that you can remove and set aside. The vertical cut is the hood of the carriage and the horizontal cut is the body of the carriage.

-Use a melon baller or ice cream scoop to clean out the inside of the watermelon as well as the removed section of fruit. Scrape away all of the fruit down to the white flesh of the melon. Reserve the fruit to make a fruit salad.

-Use your knife to add a zigzag pattern to the hood of the carriage. Cut triangles around the edge of the hood and discard the cut-off rind pieces.

-Use your knife to cut the removed section of fruit into a rectangular shape. Cut out the center of the rectangle so that you have a rectangle with a rectangular hole in it. This will be the handle of your baby carriage.

-Attach your carriage handle to the inside of the watermelon, opposite the hood. Use toothpicks to skewer the handle into the side of the carriage.

-Use rounds of fruit to create the wheels of the carriage. You can use grapefruit, orange, lemon or lime slices. You can also use round pineapple slices if you prefer. Place the round fruit of your choosing on the side of the carriage where the wheels would be. Use a toothpick to skewer them in place. Leave 1/4 inch of the toothpick exposed. Cap the toothpick using half of a maraschino cherry or a grape.

-Make a fruit salad, and use it to fill the body of your carriage. To make a fruit salad, clean and cut up strawberries. Mix the strawberries with the reserved watermelon, balls of cantaloupe, slices of pineapple and grapes. Place the mixed fruits in the carriage.

I found these instructions on ehow.com.  My uncle made this one for my shower, and I can't wait to make one for a friend! 

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