Sunday, May 27, 2012

Citrus Brown Sugar Scrub

This scrub was part of a bath gift basket I made for family members for Christmas.  It has gotten good feedback so far!  It really softens your skin and smells incredible.

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Citrus Brown Sugar Scrub

2 Cups Organic Brown Sugar
½ Cup doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil (you can use a light olive, grapeseed, almond, or sunflower oil)
¼ Cup Honey
5-10 Drops Wild Orange Essential Oil (You can also use "Citrus Bliss", a doTERRA blend.)
5-10 Drops Bergamot Essential Oil 
5-10 Drops Almond Oil
10 Drops Vitamin E Oil (or break open a Vitamin E Capsule)

Place the brown sugar in a medium bowl.  Mix in the oil, then stir.  Then, mix the honey and stir.  Add the essential oils slowly until you reach a scent that you like.  Add the vitamin E oil.  I dropped a cinnamon stick in to make it look pretty.  That’s it!  Stir well before use. 

How to order essential oils:
If you are looking for essential oils, I recommend using doTERRA's certified, pure therapeutic grade oils.  You can find them at  my doTERRA store .  If you'd like to receive wholesale prices, 25% off retail, please comment below or email me, and I can help you sign up.

You can find containers for bath products at thrift stores, craft stores, or the regular grocery store (mason jars work).  

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