Friday, June 1, 2012

Bleach Pen Apron

Recently, I came across a DIY bleach pen t-shirt tutorial.  I was afraid I'd ruin one of my shirts, because I happen to like all the non-white ones I own.  I found some aprons at Jo-ann's, and decided to use those instead.  It would serve as a great present for my mother-in-law for mother's day, too. :) 

It was so easy and fun to make!!

You will need:
a bleach pen
an apron, t-shirt, etc...
cutting board
wax paper

First, I lined the cutting board with wax paper, making sure that it was secure around the board.

Then, I wrapped the apron tightly around the sides of the board to create a flat, wrinkle-free work space.

Now the fun part!  I went to town making the first design that came to mind.  You can also find cool patterns to use online.  You will probably want to work fast during this part, because if you wait too long, some of the bleach will likely spread too far creating a big blob look.

Next, I let the bleach do its job.  I waited until the entire design had gotten a bleachy look.

I then dunked it in the pool. You don't have to use a pool (it was the closest water source), but you will want to rinse it quickly! 

That's all there is to it!  I can't wait to make a t-shirt next.

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