Thursday, May 10, 2012

How to Make a Cookie Monster Cookie

 This post is dedicated to cookie monster , because...he's awesome.
My son will be 1 in July, and I think I want to have a cookie monster birthday party for him.  I experimented with some extra cookies and icing I had after making a cookie cake for my brother-in-law.  Click HERE to learn how to make a cookie cake.

First, color your icing blue, leaving a little white icing to the side for the eyes.  I like to use India Tree Natural Decorating Colors, 3 bottles(red,yellow,blue)  to avoid using fake dyes.

 Then, find two cookies that are around the same size.

 You'll probably want to use a large star tip to pipe the icing.  
Make a sloping mound, like you see here, on one cookie.

Stack the top cookie, so that his face is open.
Use a large round tip to pipe the white eyes.

Place two mini chocolate chips in his eyes, and make them googly :)
Next, put a small cookie in his mouth (you can leave it whole or half it).
The last step is to EAT cookie monster .  I know it might seem wrong...but he's so good!

What you'll need to make cookie monster cookies:  
a batch of this icing
a batch of these  cookies

You will want to bake one mini cookie and two larger cookies for each cookie monster.

(I haven't made a full batch of just cookie monster cookies, I'm not sure how many monsters a batch will make.)

piping bags/ziplock bags
large round tip
large star tip
two mini chocolate chips per cookie monster
blue food coloring
a cookie monster to eat them

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