Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Homemade Fleece Scarves

Making fleece scarves is so easy, but don't tell the people I'm giving them to for Christmas this year.

What you will need:

fleece (whatever size and color you like)
good scissors
measuring tape


I bought forty inches of polka dot fleece fabric.  I used a tape measure to mark off eight inch sections (giving me five scarves total). 

Measure your fabric to the width you'd like your scarves to be.  Fleece tends to curl up on the edges sometimes, so be sure that you measure it wide enough to make up for that.

Next, begin cutting length-wise.
Once you have a scarf cut out, you can cut the fringes.
Measure how long you want the fringes to be.  I did 3.5 inches for mine. 

I have made fleece scarves where I've tied the fringe in knots, but I've found that I actually like them more just left alone like this.  The knots really thin the fringes out a little too much, I think.

These make really nice Christmas gifts or a gift to yourself.  I've made a few colors for myself, and really enjoy matching them to different outfits.  There are lots of fleece colors and patterns to choose from, and they are very inexpensive to make. 

I would love to see what colors and patterns you choose!

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