Friday, November 2, 2012

Baby to Toddler

Late night ramblings on a growing boy...

Lately, I've been watching Levi grow before my eyes. Everyday, he is learning something new.  It may be because I'm his mom, but with each word or sign he learns, I'm blown away.  I've been writing all the words he says in his baby book, but realize that I should probably stop at some point or I will have journals full of thousands of words up until he moves out.  That would be a boring read!

Every little change is a milestone toward him becoming...a man.  Scary.  He's getting tiny, rough hairs on his legs that I feel oddly amazed by.  His facial expressions are increasing in number and are ever changing.  What was once a clumsy walk, has now become a quick run...away from mommy and daddy. 

He's developing a simple, child-like palette consisting of carbs and more carbs, which I'm not a big fan of.  Carbs, yes, I'm a big fan of carbs, but not of him being one.  I try to sneak spinach in from every angle, but he's too smart for that.  His tiny fingers can pick out every morsel of starchy foods, dodging anything remotely healthy on the tray. 

He LOVES watching "big trucks" (the garbage truck, mostly) go by our house each day with the joy and amazement of a child on Christmas morning.  So many things are like that with him.  Everything is new and magical. 

I'm learning new things, too, seeing as he is the first born.  I don't think most of us (myself included-I'm an oldest child) know how much our parents use trial and error the first time around.  At this stage, my husband and I are trying to figure out how and when to say no to wrong behavior, to ignore it, or to divert his attention.  I can only imagine what lies ahead, and how many times we may actually have to use the words no, stop, don't, and quit during his lifetime.

We'll figure it out, and then we'll have to learn a new lesson...even until we are super old.  I wonder if we will ever cease to be amazed by how our babies grow or if we'll ever hit a stage where we feel totally confident in our parenting knowledge and abilities.  I doubt both :) 


  1. The first child is definitely the "test child". We had 7 years in between before baby brother joined us, too much of a gap but still amazing with how much big brother helps. I was a clean freak with our oldest. To this day he does not like to get dirty. Our youngest not so much. Hand full of dog hair I watch him put it in his mouth and laugh at his disgusted face. Won't do that again will you buddy? You'll both learn as you go and definitely enjoy every minute of it!
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    1. Jen,
      Thanks for the re-follow :)
      Yeah, putting dog hair in your mouth doesn't sound too fun! I bet there will be lots of gross things going into my boys' mouths. I'm also realizing that it can be challenging to be a clean freak like I want to be!