Friday, October 26, 2012

Fall Cakes and Cupcakes

Basically, I'm creating this post for anyone who is looking for Fall/Halloween cake or cupcake ideas.  I remember when I was making cakes all the time back in the day, I would search for picture ideas online for a long time before starting the cake.  So, here's to you online-picture-searching-cake-creator! 

 Skinny Pumpkin Cake (two bundt cakes stacked with filling)

fondant stem and leaves 

Fat Pumpkin Cake (two stacked bundt cakes with filling) 

 Fall Leaves Cake

Sunflower Cake #1 

Sunflower Cake #2

Pirate Cake 

Pirate Cake (The sword is broken in half, then stuck into both sides, so I didn't have to stick it all the way through, which probably would've damaged it.)

Giant Fall Cupcake Cake 

Fall Leaves Cupcakes 

Owls are Fall-ish, right?  The leaves are at least.

Pie Cupcakes with m&ms.  Orange or brown would be cute for Fall, too.

 Halloween Cupcakes!  (In case you can't tell, the white with pink cupcake is a brain.)
 Mummy Cupcake
Pumpkin Cupcake 

...and my favorite of all. The Ghost Cupcake!

I just have to say, I always wanted to make a haunted house cake.  There are so many neat designs for them online.  Someday...someday.  If I had to redo these, I would try to use a more natural icing coloring like India Tree Natural Decorating Colors, 3 bottles(red,yellow,blue)

If you have any questions about materials I used or how I made anything, please feel free to comment or email me. 

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