Wednesday, December 5, 2012

10 Signs You Have a Toddler

1.) Your house can go from this... this in about thirty seconds. 
Before having a child, I could clean the house, and most likely it would stay that way for a good while.  Now, not so much.  I know several of us moms have seen the someecard that says, "Trying to clean a house with toddlers, is like trying to brush your teeth while eating oreos."  SO TRUE!!

 2.)  One day you will think you have found their favorite food, then the next you will get this face when you give it to them again. 

3.)  Floor food is fair game.
Sometimes Levi won't eat a bite of what I give him, but when he gets out of his chair to find the same food on the floor, it suddenly looks delicious!

4.)  You will go through more batteries than ever before. 
It seems like all of Levi's favorite toys are battery powered lately.  He thinks the "new" Christmas toys (that used to be decorations) are the greatest things ever!  They play loud Christmas music and eat batteries like it's their job.

 5.)  You find old milk and juice cups days after they've gone missing.
Yes, it's true, and gross.  How do they come up with these hiding places?  I'd rather find the old penicillin growing juice cups than the stinky week old milk ones.  That's me in the reflection below.  Hi everyone!

6.)  Your Christmas tree might look like this!
How many of you have either decorated your tree from the top half up or not at all?  Little ones looove pulling ornaments (toys) off the tree.  Our tree is too skinny and light, so we had to redecorate it, leaving the bottom half empty.  That way, it won't fall on him...again.  (He wasn't hurt, thank goodness!)
7.)  "NO" means no, and it also means yes. 
"Levi, do you want any more spinach?"
"No," he says while shaking his head.
"Do you want some milk?"
Another definite, "No."
Then, he gets upset and reaches for it like, c'mon mom, I said I wanted some more milk!
8.)  You begin to wonder who the boss of the house is.
I'm discovering how determined a toddler can be.  He knows what he wants, when he wants it. 
9.)  You've had to fetch at least one object out of the toilet.  ICK!
I recently made some solid perfume for Christmas presents this year.  Levi happily tossed one of the containers into the toilet.  Don't worry friends who might be getting one for Christmas, I threw it away! 
10.)  You had to finally lock up the DVDs that you thought were safe. 
Maybe you did this way before we did.  I think we were naive to the DVD scratching desires of toddlers.  We just put a lock on the DVD cabinet after Levi caused one to skip really bad.  DVDs make the best toys. 
I hope you enjoyed the list!  I'm sure there will be a part II in the future.


  1. Too funny! You should see my living room right now - toys everywhere in <1 minute!

    Daisy @

    1. Hi Daisy,
      hehe, yes, I'm glad I'm not the only one with a messy living room :)

  2. Um, YES YES YES.

    Saying no and then immediately "meaning" to have said yes? And not understanding why we put the milk/snack/toy aside when we initally heard a "no" response?

    And the sippy cups? OMG. I just found one under our bed. How long was it there? NO CLUE. It had mold inside, and up the entire cup. GAG.

    I once couldn't find her water sippy cup. She had put it in her little play kitchen in the toy room. But it blended in SO WELL with all of the other cups that I didn't find it for about 3 days. Sigh.

    And didn't you know food of the floor is more nutritious than it's clean counterparts on a plate? ;)

    Perfect list, friend!

    1. Sel,
      hahaha, you probably had to plug your nose when you cleaned that old, moldy cup!
      Floor food is def more nutritious ;)

  3. ha, ha, ha, ha. So true. I've had all of those things happen. At least we can look back on it and laugh. It's a good life though.

    1. Yes we can. I find myself cracking up more and more at the crazy things he does.

  4. haha very cute!!...and true : )

  5. So many of these are SOOO true. Although I think the Christmas tree re-decorating is because you have a boy. A mostly leaves ours alone. There is one teddy bear ornament that she takes on and off the tree, but it's a teddy bear, so I don't care. The rest? Yes! Especially the first one ... where if I try to do ANYTHING productive while she's awake there will inevitably be a mess. Like right now all of the pots and pans AND their lids are all over the kitchen floor. :)