Friday, March 29, 2013

One Year Blogiversary

Hello, hello everyone!  I am so excited to have made it through a full year of blogging.  This is just a short and simple post to celebrate The Creative Bubble's one year anniversary. Ironically enough, this is also my 100th post.

Thank you so much to all of the friends I have made thus far.  I really have enjoyed connecting with you all.

You know they say blogging may make for happier moms (and all people really)? 

"....from a recent study that found there’s something about blogging – whether it’s writing your own or just reading and commenting on others’ blogs --  that makes new mothers feel more supported and connected to family and friends, which in turn helps their overall transition to parenthood."

"New moms know well the dearth of downtime in a day (see: feedings/diaper-changing/laundry/repeat), as well as the emotional ups and downs that come with the territory.  So when you get a little time to yourself, here’s some advice: Try blogging. It may make you happier."
 Blogging Makes New Moms Happy (article from

 Also, if you are a mom considering blogging, you will love this article: 

One more great article:
 Can Blogging Make You Happier? The Answer is YES!

Check out the first post that jump started this site:

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