Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kitchen Progress

We moved into our house in May of this year.  We've done some updating to our kitchen to make it more enjoyable to eat and cook in.  We still have a lot of work ahead of us, but it is already so much better than it was.  The updating process was halted when we found out that baby number two is on the way.  I'm too scared to paint, prime, or stain anything!  I can't wait to paint the cabinets!

Here are a few before and after photos. 

 Before: Floor
It wasn't terrible.

Before: Dishwasher and Countertops
(That IS tape holding it together.)



 Before: Kitchen Wall
That heater needed to go!

Before: Refrigerator
This fridge was definitely NOT awesome.


Before: Kitchen Table Area

Before: Kitchen Table Area


Before: Kitchen Window
Thanks, table cloth curtain, for all your hard work, but we won't be needing you anymore.

AFTER!  This isn't much of an "after", but it will be soon!

We don't have a before picture of this.

Before: Pantry
This small space made it tough to find anything.

We bought this at meijer.com.  I searched for what I thought looked like the best stand alone pantry for our price range.  We love it!  We have a lot more cabinet space, and our food is not crammed into a small area anymore.

We have a few more things to do like painting these cabinets, replacing the hardware, painting the wood doorway trim, working on a backsplash, etc...  I don't really know what I'm going to do with the large wooden area above the cabinets.  Any ideas?

I didn't want to show the whole room, because it's definitely still a work in progress.  I will do some good before and after pictures when we finish the entire room.

Check back to see some of our other room updates!

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