Friday, October 25, 2013

Four Seasons Old Window Painting

Here is an idea to put old, decorative windows to good use.  You may have already seen my post about painting on old windows.  This is really just an update with a different design you might want to try.

The best part about this four seasons design is that the window will fit in any time of the year!

You can use acrylic paint, and a razor blade as an eraser to scrape away mistakes once the paint is dry.  It's a really worth-while, simple project.  You don't have to be an amazing artist to pull one of these off!  I can vouch for that.  I'm no Picasso, so having the option to erase mistakes is really awesome.  They look great hanging on the wall inside or would even be a nice touch added to an outdoor patio.  My mom put one on their patio, and I love it the way it looks on the brick wall.

You could start working on one now to give as a Christmas gift.  I would love it if someone took the time to create a beautiful window painting for me.

-If you are wondering where to find old windows for various projects, I recommend starting your search at local thrift stores.  One near my house sells them, but I actually found mine at an unfinished furniture store.  You might check antique stores as well.

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