Thursday, May 16, 2013

Flying Jonah Photos

Have you seen those really cool sleeping baby photos by Adele Enerson?

I love them.  I think she did a great job capturing her baby's "dreamland" .  I wanted to try to do one of these photos for Jonah's three month pictures while he was asleep.  Well...I don't know how Adele does it!  He woke up as soon as I transferred him to the floor.  I bet if I let him fall asleep on the floor, it might work, but big brother Levi probably won't let him lay there without trying to walk on him, kiss him, and point to all his facial features while yelling out their name, "Jonah's nose!"  Maybe I will come up with some way to do this.  I have some really cool ideas, Jonah.  I just need you to sleep!

First, I went to the thrift store and got a lot of props, as in old shower curtains, sheets, pillow cases, string, etc...  It wasn't that expensive at all.  I got home and washed all of it immediately in case you were wondering!  Yeah, I think it would be gross to use all that without washing it.

Here is the first little scene I came up with.  Maybe I can recreate it and actually have a sleeping baby.  It's kind of cute with him awake though. 

 This is what I started with.  Now, how do I get the sleeping baby in the swing onto the floor without waking him up?

Have you ever done one of these types of photos of your baby?  It was actually really fun, and made me happy to get to use the right side of my brain when coming up with ideas.  I love playing around with different fabrics, too.  It didn't take a lot of effort to get the fabric cut and set up for the pictures.  Here is how I made the felt flowers.

This is kind of a preliminary post for the real thing.  More to come soon I hope!  I may just end up doing the whole series of photos with him being awake.  It's much easier!

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  1. Hi there! I saw you on Thirty Handmade Days Linky Party. This is such a cute idea! Too bad my kids are too big for this now. Might have to try this with the grandkids.

  2. I think its super cute even with him awake!