Saturday, May 11, 2013

Blogging: Let's Be Honest

There are three adjectives that I’d hope would describe me in general and as a blogger, although I can’t say that they completely do at this point:
I think lots of bloggers hope to be TRANSPARENT, then wind up picturing their readers disapproving and become afraid of what their mothers in law, high school acquaintances, and total strangers would think if they truly described how they were feeling and their inadequacies.  

I need to be honest:  I started this blog to make money.  I can also say that I definitely do have a passion for the things I blog about, so making money would be a perk to being able to share the awesome things I love.  I have made zero dollars since I started the blog over a year ago.  That’s okay.  It’s my own dang fault for not marketing and advertising as well as I could.  Now, it’s nearly impossible to find the time to do so with two kiddos under two.   That time will return sooner or later.  Anyhow, this blog has been rewarding in so many ways, but now that I have less time to create posts, I have begun to question who I’m blogging for and am I being AUTHENTIC? 
I think the answer is no. 
Not only did I want to make money when I started the blog, but I also had full intentions of catering to my long-suffering desire to write.  I love writing, and I love it even more when I do it from a real place, not a shallow, cookie-cutter, afraid-of-what-others-will-think, be careful not to share too much place.  I also imagined being silly and including illustrations to go with some of my posts.  That hasn’t really happened.  I want people to “like” my page, to follow it on Google, to follow me on twitter, but why?  …to know that I’m reaching people, and that I’m entertaining, teaching, or relating with others in a genuine way.  I believe what I have been blogging about is fine and dandy, but it’s also completely safe.  There is so much more that I’d like to do on here.  That’s why I named the site The Creative Bubble, so that I’d have a name that would give me the freedom to write about whatever I wanted, and to connect with others in doing so. 
Lastly, and most importantly, I want to LOVE my readers (and everyone for that matter) in a very selfless way.  You can like or not like the content I produce, and it won’t matter as long as I am loving you.  It’s really not about who does and doesn’t approve of my blog.  As long as I am being genuine and transparent, maybe I can relate with people out there doing and going through the same things that I am.  To share my shortcomings is loving.  Not every “deep thoughts” entry will include all of my shortcomings, but I’m sure I will include some of them when the post beckons me to do so.   To make myself vulnerable in an effort to be relatable, that is my goal. 

I find that I enjoy honest blogs and articles most.  You may have even noticed a shift in the voices of many bloggers toward this transparent, authentic, and sometimes very raw style of writing.  I don't think they are doing it to be trendy.  I think many bloggers are veering in that direction in an effort to shatter the picture perfect lives we believe everyone else lives.  I think it is a loving act, because it has let me know that I'm not "failing" as a wife, mom, woman, friend, etc.  I appreciate the vulnerability of others. 
"It’s time to get real, Katie!"  Don’t worry; I won’t overload you with lots of sappy feelings.  I actually do enjoy all the tutorials I post, so those aren't going away!  They will now be accompanied by the types of entries I intended to include from day one. 

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