Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sweet Potato Buffalo Chips

Here at our house we love to make sweet potato fries, but we recently mixed things up and made sweet potato chips.  They were a hit!  We will be making these often.  I'm kind of a huge blue cheese and hot sauce fan, so I spruced mine up a bit with these two ingredients.  This creation deserved a name and the spotlight on my blog today.  I present "Sweet Potato Buffalo Chips".


-organic or locally grown sweet potatoes
-1/2 inch organic coconut oil in frying pan (I used an iron skillet.)
-sea salt
-hot sauce
-blue cheese crumbles

I did not put an amount for each ingredient, because it's really tough to mess this recipe up since it's all about how much hot sauce and blue cheese you prefer.  I would be sure to have a decent amount of coconut oil on hand, because it took more than we expected. 


-Slice sweet potatoes into very thin slices.  Using a regular, old potato peeler is actually a great way to get the perfect cut.
-Heat coconut oil on medium heat in pan.
-Once the oil is completely melted, (usually melts quickly) carefully drop sweet potato slices in.  They do best if they are not overlapping each other.
-Flip the chips after about three minutes.  Continue flipping chips until both sides are lightly browned.
-Remove the chips with tongs and place on a paper towel covered plate.
-Add salt while they are still hot.
-Add the hot sauce and blue cheese crumbles, and enjoy!

These chips remind me of Terra chips.  Have you ever tried those?  They are really good, but I think these are better (especially when they're hot).

You may have recently caught my "gluten free fried chicken with homemade honey mustard" post.  Yep, it's a long title!  The homemade honey mustard goes really well with these sweet potato chips if you're not in the mood for blue cheese.  My husband is never in the mood for blue cheese.  He says the smell of it reminds him of walking past a stinky cow field.  That almost ruined it for me forever, but I just love it too much.  I feel like blue cheese is one of those things that you either love or hate.  Anyway, (before I ruin blue cheese for you!) check out the homemade honey mustard :)

I hope you like these chips!  I think you will.  They go so quickly at our house.

You can even save them for later if for some strange reason they don't all get eaten in one sitting.

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