Sunday, February 24, 2013

Then There Were Two

Confessions of a new mom of two:

Most moms know that you can be a little emotional right after having a baby, aka "the baby blues".  I had them with my first son, and they were mainly geared around the fear of being a new mom, worrying about not bonding with him the right way, and not knowing how to soothe him (he was quite vigorous from the get go!).  I was also afraid of the change being a mom would bring to our carefree way of life.  Soon enough, we got through the difficult newborn season.

While I was pregnant with my second son, I looked at pictures of my first son with a longing to hold his tiny, little newborn body again without the overwhelming fear I had overcome.  For this, I was extremely excited to meet and hold my second son close!  I entered this with a greater confidence and experience.

He was born on February 6th, so I've had two and a half weeks with him thus far.  It has been wonderful to have a new life in our family.  He's beautiful and precious.

I did deal with some similar baby blues again this time, but definitely less powerful this go round.  It was mostly centered on a fear of not being able to successfully balance the love and attention I give both boys.  I was terrified that life would be so crazy I wouldn't be able to give Levi (the oldest) the mom time he needed and was so used to.  I think I cried over it about three or four times.  Thank goodness, I'm feeling better now, and I've realized something about my toddler.  He won't let me not give him attention!  He demands it!  Haha.  So, it's been good around here.  Things have worked themselves out.

I'm prepared to face challenges with two young boys, not far apart in age.  Thankfully, I have this incredible friend who is always reminding me that all difficult times are "only seasons".  Thanks Christine!

Hopefully, time will allow for me to find my way back into the blogging world soon!  I have a lot of recipes and crafts built up to share with you all.  For now, I'm taking it slow and easy and enjoying the time God has given me to care for these two beautiful boys. 


  1. Your boys are precious! Enjoy and relish the moment. Take care!

  2. Your boys are precious! Enjoy and relish the moment. Take care!