Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Jonah's Arrival

This last week has flown by.  We welcomed our second baby boy, Jonah Thomas, into the world on February 6th at 6:29am.  He was 6lbs, 7oz, and 19.5in long.  He is healthy and oh so sweet!  We are already very in love with him. 

His older (nineteen month old) brother, has accepted him quite well.  He kisses him frequently, points and tells me where his eyes and nose are, and tries to give him his pacifier.  It's a strange feeling to go from focusing on one child to suddenly having your attention and love going to two!  I feel very grateful for the ability to be the mother of both boys.  They are my sunshine. 

Welcome Jonah Thomas!


  1. Congratulations - he's beautiful! I have that same blanket and I love it so much. I really like his name as well:)

    1. Thank you Erika! Yes, those blankets are wonderful, aren't they? My aunt sent us a package with three of them. They are so soft!