Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Baby Preparations

This has been a crazy week.  The time for delivering our new baby boy is fast approaching, and it honestly could be any day now.  I already thought I was in labor a couple nights ago, but found out that it was "false labor".  If you've ever experienced this, you've probably also experienced the mad dash to be completely prepared to leave the house for a couple days (thinking it all has to be completely perfect and clean for some reason!). 

My eighteen month old son has no idea what is about to happen in our household.  He is so sweet, and will make a great big brother.  I can't wait to witness the first time he sees his little brother.  It will be a very special moment.  He has gathered that there is someone named Jonah in my tummy and that the ultrasound picture on his dresser is also Jonah.  That's a good start! 

My husband and I have both been very busy lately preparing for his arrival.  I am constantly cooking when I can stand on my feet long enough to do so.  We are racking up on freezer meals to make it easier on us when we have a newborn.  I didn't do this the last time (besides one batch of freezer tacos).  So, I'm excited about that!  I will be posting all of the freezer recipes I used soon...or maybe not so soon.  We'll see when labor happens!

The hospital bags are packed and ready to go as well.  For moms, this can seem like a big deal (to make sure you have everything you need and nothing you don't), but it's really not a big deal once you are at the hospital with your newborn.  It all works out.  Unfortunately, I pack like a girl scout, so it's hard for me to leave out the junk I don't really need.  I am going to also be creating a post on "what to pack for the hospital" soon, too.  I know it was helpful for me to read over several of these lists even having done it once before.

I know it will be hard to navigate through life at first with a newborn and a toddler.  Anyone have any tips?  I would love to be able to pay a good amount of attention to both boys.  Breastfeeding will take up a large deal of time, so Levi and I will have to get used to that.

I'm extremely excited to meet our son.  I can't wait to look at his little face, and to hold him.  I know how special the newborn stage is now that I see how fast they grow.

You may not hear from me on here for a bit...or I may be posting again tomorrow!  We're just waiting around for labor now :)  Oh, I'm due on Valentine's Day in case you were wondering.

I'll leave you with a few pictures of my sweet Levi as a newborn.  

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