About Me

Hi, I'm Katie, mom of two, sweet boys and wife to a very busy, brainy guy who's studying to be a chemical engineer.  My boys are definitely my first priority , but I do spend some time day dreaming of ways to incorporate a little creativity into our lives.  Basically, the right side of my brain is happy it finally has this blog as a place to spill over.  I hope this is a fun and interesting restful spot for you, and I also hope that you'll share some of your ideas as well.  We can always learn from each other.

  • When I grow up (or really when my kids are a little older), I want to teach art classes to kids, so you'll definitely find some projects for the little ones here.  
  • My kiddos can be pretty picky , so I love to share ideas on how I get them to eat healthy without even knowing it!
  • I enjoy making our home super homey and comfortable, so you'll find some major updates in our 1958 charmer.  I know we all love before and after pictures!
  • No matter how far along I am in the journey of parenting, there will always be amazing revelations and questions with kids, so you can peek into the "deep thoughts" tab for those.    
  • We like to eat cheese, bacon, butter, fruits, vegetables, and other tasty, real foods around here!  I'll share lots of recipes that we have come to love.  Easy, healthy, freezer recipes are my favorite at the moment.  Despite all these words, I have an unfortunate, serious sugar (and chocolate ) addiction that I am forever trying to work through.  You will see some recipes with white sugar and some with unrefined alternatives.  I will eventually kick the habit, and alter all of the recipes that call for refined sugar!   
  • We don't have a lot to spend on gifts at this point in our lives, so you can always find inexpensive gift ideas here.
  • I like to avoid toxins in body & cleaning products , so I make a lot of them from home if you're looking for ideas.  

My sister, Carrie, will likely be adding her thoughts here from time to time.

She's pretty awesome if you can't tell from this photo:

Yes, (ironically enough...we did not plan this) that is us in the picture on the wall, to the left.  We've grown up to be such beautiful girls.  Haven't we?

Thanks SO much for reading my blog. 

I welcome your stories, advice, and anything else you may want to add to any post.