Friday, November 7, 2014

Hello Again

In the past few months, I have dreamed of what I'd write about in a "resuscitating the blog" post.  Well, here it is.

Why I let this page fizzle out:

My second son was born in February of 2013.  Precious as he and his brother are, I let blogging ideas pretty much consume my thoughts.  I was fixated on coming up with great posts, so much so, that I would plan entire days around completing crafts or making foods that I wanted to write about.  It was daunting, tedious, and there ultimately wasn't much to gain....without a great deal more work.

When people say, "Don't blink!  Your babies will be grown before you know it," I feel rushed to suck up all the joy and cuddles that one can fathom.  It is a pressuring phrase! is true.  They do grow quickly, and I needed to spend that first year and half of little Jo's life focusing on him and his big brother.  That decision prevented a great deal of stress, believe it or not.  Being present for my babies has been so wonderful and rewarding.

You know what else?  I was afraid of coming across as a show-off, narcissistic, know-it-all with the material I was posting.  Doing arts/crafts and coming up with recipes are two things I deeply enjoy, but I never wanted to make any one (especially moms) feel that they were not "measuring up", because they weren't also spending way too much time trying to perfect something that they really didn't have the time to do, like I was.

I am very grateful to still have the ability to jump on here and write any time I want.  If I continue to create posts, the focus of the blog may shift a bit.  Reason being, my focus has shifted as well.