Thursday, March 1, 2012

Priority Project

I've always been looking for my "thing", and I've finally discovered it. 

My baby has been sick this week.  He has required more time, love, and patience than usual.  I have found myself soaking in the moments I've spent awake at 3am holding him.  The realization that this is the most important job I have ever, and will ever have has finally sunk in. 

It's been a challenge for me to drop everything and focus on him completely sometimes.  Usually I feel like I'm on a treadmill trying to make something of myself or to simply be a perfectionist in areas I can't even control.  Basically, I can't sit still.  I'm a planner.

Well, now I can't sit still, because I'm chasing around a little crawler, picking up all edible items like cell phones, remote controls, and paper, moving him from one "station" to another to keep him happy, and racing to get dropped toys back on his highchair tray before he gets upset.  I start crafts that stare at me as I race to fold piles of laundry before he wakes up.  Life has become so busy that I have to plan a time to make plans and can't really conquer many of them.  I've slowly learned how to "roll with the punches", and lower my expectations of what I can do each day.  I've had to digest that I'm really NOT superwoman, and can't check all the things off my infinite list. 

The windows I want to paint, the table I want to refinish, the projects I want to tackle on pinterest...they are fun, and give me a sense of accomplishment, but...

...the highest priority project is now my son.  He is a beautiful, sweet person that God has trusted me to guide, mother, and encourage.   

Becoming a mom has opened my eyes to how amazing my mom really is, and I appreciate her now more than ever.

My mom  never got mad when we broke her favorite things...never.  (Maybe it's because she can put anything back together.  It's a weird talent she has.)  She did our laundry, dishes, and cleaned up our messes even when we should have been doing it ourselves.  Her patience is incredibly inspiring.  My sister, brother, and I have always been my mom's project in life, and we knew it!

 My mom and my son <3

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